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“With the unflinching honesty and powerful emotion of Cheryl Strayed and Jeannette Walls, Denice Turner unwraps her family's legacies to find the story behind her mother's death and her own pain. Often angry, frequently tender and funny, Worthy is a beautifully written memoir about family, forgiveness, and hope."

Eleanor Brown, New York Times bestselling author of The Weird Sisters 

“In her beautifully written memoir, Worthy, Denice Turner draws back the curtain and gives us a glimpse into the dominant forces in her world.... Each is fraught with unrealistic expectations of self-worth that will have readers shaking their heads in disbelief and laughing out loud.”

Enid Cokinos, Story Circle Book Reviews

“Regardless of a reader’s religious, socioeconomic, or geographic realities, Worthy offers larger truths about grief and ghosts, which still animate and influence families, long after they have disappeared from the physical landscape.”

Amanda Silva, Foreword Reviews

“Turner writes a glorious eulogy which will appeal to those who have ached to feel loved and yet to be released from this ruthless yearning” 

Phyllis Barber, author of How I got Cultured: A Nevada Memoir

After her mother dies in a suspicious house fire, Denice Turner faces the ghosts of two suicidal uncles, a Mormon shrink who claims to see her dead relatives, and a  grandfather whose  up-from-the-bootstraps legacy refuses to die.



Early pilots grappled with weather and unwieldy machines.  But they also grappled with poetics that kept most of them imaginatively tethered to the ground.

Other Publications

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Creative Articles

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